A New Course on Mind Mapping From The Sweet Setup

My good friend Mike Schmitz just released a new course on mind mapping over on The Sweet Setup today. I've watched Mike pour over the details of these courses before and know the depth he goes to make sure it is high quality and packed with information. Combine that with the passion of The Sweet Setup team and a 20% off launch price and you can't go wrong here. Check out the new course here!

The Services I Use To Avoid Google

For a couple of years now, I have been weaning myself off of Google’s services. I am simply tired of volunteering my information for their algorithms and seeing it used to create a confirmation bias that is unhealthy in the long-term. Yes, there are other companies doing the same, but for the sake of this article, let’s focus on Google. Here’s a look at the services I’m using to avoid them.

I'm Leaving Hover

I have used Hover for almost four years. They were the first dedicated domain registrar I used, which was primarily due to the ridiculous number of times I heard about them in ad spots on podcasts. They are phenomenal at marketing and getting their name out there. But despite my history with them and their marketing, I have decided to move on.

Every App I Use From SetApp

At this point, you have most likely heard of SetApp. But not everyone believes the subscription is worth it. In my case, it's an easy sell since there are two or three apps I use constantly that on their own would have cost me more than the SetApp subscription itself. But it's the full spectrum of apps available that make it worth so much more. Just being able to download them to explore them is worth a trial. And to show you how much I get out of it, here's a look at every single app I downloaded from SetApp.

Analog Joe

The seed was planted about two years ago. I learned about the world of white-hat hacking and Hacker One. And although I haven't done much of anything with my hacker account there, I did spend a lot of time researching and developing a knowledge of what it takes to make any decent money on the platform. But that research showed me how easy and prevalent the exploitation of user privacy has become. It opened my eyes to the lack of privacy we truly have online.

Creating Podcast Audiograms With Captions

A couple of years ago I became familiar with the Audiogram tool created by NY Public Radio. I was enamored and immediately set it up. I created a couple and shared them, but it was a bit tedious and I could never get it to look quite the way I wanted. Some of that is due to my limitations in time dedicated to the process and some of it was due to motivation. But recently, I discovered a tool that helps automate the process and gives me the design features I want.

Decreasing Granularity in GTD

Contexts are forever a sticking point for new adopters of Getting Things Done (GTD), but they are also an extremely popular discussion point for long-time practitioners, including myself. They are highly personal and dependent on your daily routines, hardware, software, lifestyle, personality, company policies, and hair color. And that means there are just as many variations on how to use them.

Re-Inking The Pen

It’s a bittersweet moment to see a fountain pen begin skipping on the page. On the one hand, frustration takes over. The half-written words will need to be re-written and you’ll have to bring yourself back into the flow of writing. But on the other hand, it creates an opportunity to choose a different ink and rediscover the pen in a small way. Which means your love for the pen may deepen.