Saying Goodbye to Working With OmniFocus

In most cases, the situation is different depending on the course. Some of them are $200 or more. And some are even $1,000+. When they break $100, I have very high expectations of the course and there's a lot of risk on my part to spending that kind of money to watch some videos. So far, that risk has been too high to justify the expense. I would rather spend a few hours researching the topic online and spend the money elsewhere.

The OmniFocus Update Reviews Script Comes to iOS

This has long been a desire of mine. I have written these scripts in AppleScript. But I wanted them to be available on all platforms. The problem was that it simply wasn't possible to do the level of scripting I needed to pull it off. This is why I'm thrilled to say that the day has finally come. The day that the Update Reviews AppleScript for OmniFocus has come to iOS!