Just got one of them fancy #streamdeck devices. It seems like quite the deep pool, and I can already see some advantages.

Anyone have resources they'd suggest to get the most out of it?

@kouroshdini This is kind of old but the concepts remain:

I bought a 32-key Elgato Stream Deck because I was getting tired of remembering (and running out) of hotkey combinations. And at the time, I was ramping up m...

@JoeBuhlig have you ever checked out Amplenote? I’d love you thoughts on it. It does bidirectional linking, imports and exports Markdown. Also has tasks and a calendar. I’ve just started playing with the free plan

@CarolLoughrey1 I haven’t. But a quick glance at their site makes me wonder if it grants access to the raw files behind it. That’s a deal breaker to me anymore.

And lastly, @MacSparky, @_MikeSchmitz and @JoeBuhlig keep me informed and asking questions with their Focused and Bookworm podcasts.

Podcasts play different roles for me, from distraction to information to relaxation.

How about you?

@dolearning 🤗 Thanks for sharing. I’m the same, though. There are big periods where I make significantly more podcasts than I consume.

@JoeBuhlig Thanks for sharing. It seems like a big undertaking to match blueprints to pass building codes, with good construction (well-built) with design (the custom special elements)...but perhaps the DIY homebuilders crowd is just like the DIY note apps crowd, just a different medium.

@NickMilo Honestly, code wouldn’t be the issue most of the time. Most of it is finish work, which is unrestricted. Sometimes framing and electrical is involved but code-wise those are simple. Even on custom. It’s usually too limited in market for builders. So the money isn’t there overall.