Now that I’ve moved away from Evernote, the primary way I store information is through text files. It’s taken me a while to get it nailed down but I’ve managed to simplify the number of apps I use and the flow of text across my devices.

Almost daily, I get an email from someone interested in how I have this site set up. “It’s not WordPress and Disqus. What are you using?” We can talk about that, but why not take it a few steps further? Let’s go from domain registrar to the reader.

I’ve received a number of requests for more detail around my use of Workflow (iTunes). I’ve said that it saves time, but here are some details.

Drafts is one of those apps that I cannot go without. The funny thing is that my tech-resistant wife is now dependent on it as well. And you can be sure that I am pretty excited about her use of it.

I’ve written about my use of Sublime Text for writing, but I didn’t share how I manage the edits from my editor.

It’s been a little over a year since I started blogging and I’ve had a number of folks ask me what tools I use to write my articles. This is an outline of my process from idea to publish.

Evernote is a handy tool with a lot of ways to use it – so many that it gets really hard to figure out how to set it up.

OmniFocus is a powerful tool designed to follow David Allen’s Getting Things Done. I go into the details of GTD here but the simple version is that it’s a method of getting things out of your mind and into a trusted organizational system. The main purpose is to free up your mind to have ideas, not hold them.