I’m all about reviews. I think their value greatly outweighs the time involved and energy expended. Most of the time it’s easy for me to initiate a review and step through its checklist, but there are days when I see a weekly review coming up on the calendar and start dreading it immediately.

I’ve always admired the thought and intentionality that Kourosh Dini applies to his methods of working and developing structures that help him accomplish his tasks. So I was excited when he gave me the opportunity to go through his video course, Zen & The Art of Work, prior to its launch. I must say that I think this is his best work to date.

The longer I practice GTD principles, the more intentional I try to be with the time I spend updating my systems. I need my commitments to be thought through and my decisions to be made ahead of time. Knowing that I am prone to starting new projects before I have time for them leads me to a need for a recurring time of reevaluation.

With 2015 completed, we’ll start seeing numbers roll in summarizing what happened throughout the year. So I thought I would pull together this site’s numbers for 2015. It’s been a ride.

We’re sneaking up on the annual goal setting push. It’s exciting to sit down and dream about what you want to do next year. But what if your life moves and changes too fast for annual goals?

Every Friday morning I do my Weekly Review. I do my Monthly Review on the first of the month and my Annual Review on the first of the year. How do I get OmniFocus to play nicely with this?

The Weekly Review is the most important part of the GTD process. Without it, you’ll have loose ends and you’ll no longer trust your system.

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How many times have you closed up shop for the day and wondered what happened? Ever get up in the morning and ask yourself what you should do today?