Working with OmniFocus

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Joe Buhlig

In the two days before this book launched I checked off 387 tasks in OmniFocus. And there’s no other tool I’d rather do it with.

##Get Working with OmniFocus

It’s been down to the wire, but it’s finally here - Working with OmniFocus. A book that takes you through my entire system. It’s not for someone looking for a how-to manual for OmniFocus, but for those looking to understand the deeper concepts and nuances of the tool.

I’m super excited that it’s finally here! I’ve spent most of my editing time trying to make sure that it’s packed full of details and examples. The more real I can be with you, the better you can understand how it works.

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##Discuss the Book

I made a consolidated place for us to chat about the book. Most of the time that discussion is more helpful in public. And the quickest, easiest way I know to do that is with Reddit. I have a Subreddit (/r/joebuhlig) where I’ve posted the link to the book. Let’s discuss it there - Reddit Discussion.