Working With OmniFocus 3.0 Is Here! (plus some extras)

- 1 min -
Joe Buhlig

Well, folks, it’s time. Working With OmniFocus 3.0 is officially available!

In the past, I built a course for OmniFocus that covered all the nitty-gritty details. And I could update that course, but frankly, it hasn’t changed enough to warrant a complete rewrite. At the same time, that course (from 2016) doesn’t cover the way I work today and it doesn’t go high-level enough.

So what I’ve done is make the original book I wrote on OmniFocus and the original video course available at extremely discounted prices. Then on top of that, I created a new version that goes up a notch to the philosophy and design aspects of your OmniFocus structure. Namely, how do you build a simple, effective OmniFocus structure and workflow?

That’s what I’m shooting for here. So this WWO 3.0 isn’t near as long, but it does dovetail well into the original course.

Now, there are a lot of you who have already purchased the original course. And there hasn’t been an easy way for me to get that course back in your hands due to a business sale arrangement I’ve been honoring. But that period is long over and I’m happy to say I can get this back in your hands at no cost. So if you’ve previously purchased Working With OmniFocus, check your email shortly for a discount code that will get the 2016 version back into your hands 100% free.