I’m a fan of Discourse. That should come without surprise at this point. As a fan, it’s natural for me to see the potential for Discourse to solve communication problems and create selective visibility within an organization. So it was easy for me to gravitate toward it for the IT communication structure at my church.

You’re reading them right now. And the medium that they arrive in will change their weight. Words. Words in email have less impact than a handwritten letter. And a conversation over coffee has more sway than a phone call.

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Joe Buhlig

In today’s world it’s easy to connect with more than 150 people. This is how keep up with 300+.

We do it almost every day. We communicate with another person using a screen of some kind - social media, texts, emails, instant messages.

Recently a coworker confronted me on something I struggle with. Communicating. I’m introverted and love to come up with ideas, but I’m terrible at deciding when to share those ideas.

I used to pride myself in having one of the fastest email replies in the office. If you sent me an email, I was back to you in less than 10 minutes. Sometimes 5.