Reviews and Scripting - Learn OmniFocus Webinar

- 1 min -
Joe Buhlig

A great asset behind OmniFocus is the community of people willing to share and ask questions; and one place to enjoy the resources this community creates is at Learn OmniFocus.

Tim Stringer, founder of Learn OmniFocus, recently invited me to do a live webinar about my OmniFocus setup on the site and add to this growing repository of content. I was thrilled and honored to share.

In the recording below you’ll see normal stuff like setting up projects and contexts, but I also emphasize the importance of doing regular reviews and share a script I’ve written to help. I like doing reviews on set days, so I needed to be able to move the Next Review Date of a project to match my scheduled review date. If you’re interested in this script or some of the others I mention in the webinar, you can find them on GitHub.

Outside of Working with Omnifocus, this is one of the most complete overviews of my entire system. Tim Stringer has generously given me the feed to share with you, so check it out.