I’ve been tracking where I spend my time for a while now. In the majority of cases it has been purely for personal use and decision-making, but since I have now taken a part time IT position, I need to know exactly how many hours I spend on the job and calculate whether or not I’ve met my expected quota for the week.

When I started my business, I wasn’t in a place to say no to anything. I needed to provide an income, and every little bit helped. But recently I’ve had to start deciding which activities are most worth my time and which ones need to be put aside.

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Joe Buhlig

I’m starting to track my time. I’ve struggled with this in the past, but now I want to tie it to dollars. I want to know where my time is best spent.

I read a lot of articles about time management and how to “reclaim an hour a day!” Most of those seem unrealistic. But in an attempt to find more time I discovered a single area that needed a lot of improvement.

I’m terrible at estimating time. I always think that I can complete more than I truly can. I throw 8 things on a list for the day and go. I can complete them all… or not. If I’m honest with myself, I know that I can’t do it all.