I decided to convert Analog Joe to a webinar membership site a few months ago now. And when I did that, I considered many ways of building the website for it. Most of those would have been quicker than what I am about to describe. But none of those would have given me the flexibility that I now have with the site.

When I switched this blog to Jekyll, one of the features I lost was the ability to schedule posts for the future. Yes, Jekyll can handle future dates on posts, but you still need to run a command to build the site and then deploy it to your web server.


On occasion I find myself with a sliver of free time. And it seems inevitable that I use it to tinker with this site. Given my latest obsession with page load speeds, this time I directed my attention towards the implementation of a CDN.

For years, Disqus has been the commenting platform of choice. It’s what I used when my site was on WordPress. When I switched to a static site generated by Jekyll, I pulled commenting entirely. But given the topics I write about, comments can be quite helpful and I realize that was a mistake. So I brought them back with the help of Discourse.

This website has run on WordPress and Google Analytics from day one and they’ve both treated me pretty well. But I’ve started to see a need for more flexibility in the site, so it’s time for a big change.

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