Searching is one of the most technically complicated processes to build and yet the simplest to use. And it’s almost universally accepted that every website has a way to search the entirety of their content. Connect this with the ability to search websites directly from Alfred and you can create a one-stop shop for searching all your favorite sites.

Alfred is a tool I use hundreds of times a day without realizing it. I’m not sure why it took me so long to pick up Alfred Remote for my phone, but I’m now seeing the potential for some really advanced triggering for my Mac.

I’ve got a bonus for you this week: my Alfred theme. I’ve tweaked the look of Alfred quite a bit over the few years I’ve been using it. I wanted something simple and unobtrusive, but I also wanted it to be compact and cram a lot of data into a small space. If that sounds appealing, give it a try.

My Mac is useless without Alfred. That’s no joke. I try to use my wife’s profile once in a while. It’s painful for me and hilarious for her to watch. I keep hitting the Alfred shortcuts and staring at it like it’s broken.

Nerdy Mac users are known for customizing their machines. Between keyboard shortcuts, Spaces, and third-party apps, you can effectively set up a computer that is perfect for you and unusable by someone else.