@JoeBuhlig I totally get it. Easy market. Yet, beginner content is blown out of proportion just to use "X hours of video" on the sales page. Sure, a summary of the basics is useful, but most courses don't go beyond what an hour of exploring the app and watching a few YT videos will get you.

@boettges I’m with you. And if a course steps into the advanced side of things, it’s often so niche that it’s not worth the effort to build the course. At that point, one on one coaching is more appropriate.

@JoeBuhlig @mattbirchler Interesting. Yeah I just don’t run into those problems. The software I’m using shouldn’t be intensive, but it is. And for the most part, M1 Pro handles it well.

Curious what kind of tasks you’re throwing at it.

@joshuaginter @mattbirchler The W10 machine handles HyperV and Powershell for me. The Mini is just a catchall. Keep @obsdmd up all day on it and random files for reference. The Ubuntu is for one-off scripting but mostly for fun. Same for the Pi.

@JoeBuhlig @mattbirchler Parallels is pretty quick and easy to repeat. I work inside both hundreds of times a day.

@joshuaginter @mattbirchler Maybe I’m too old school. At my desk I have a KVM with a Windows 10 machine, Ubuntu machine, M1 Mac Mini, and a Raspberry Pi hooked up to it. That’s besides my MBP. I think I just like being able to give it a task and let it run without eating resources on my main machine.

@mruizalba @JoeBuhlig Sure. I use @obsdmd for my notes, so everything is searchable and taggable. Resources is filled with book/podcast/article highlights. I use @readwiseio to sync my kindle to it. I also have notes with Dropbox links to external files like spreadsheets or images.

@HugoCast_ @mruizalba @obsdmd @readwiseio Can you elaborate on Resources vs Reference?