Pros and Cons of Apple Watch

- 2 min -
Joe Buhlig

Last Tuesday, Apple unveiled their new Smart Watch— the Apple Watch. It came with a lot of fanfare and definitely looks compelling. But is it really going to be worth it?

I ask this question mostly for myself. I drank the Apple Kool-aid and now find myself wanting every new device they come out with. I already decided that the iPhone 6 wasn’t enough of a change to warrant an upgrade for me… but should I pick up an Apple Watch?


1. Activity Monitor

I’ve been debating a Jawbone or a FitBit for quite some time. Having an activity-tracking device built into my watch that perfectly integrates with my Apple ecosystem would be perfect! I’m starting to get into cycling and this would make the data collection much easier.

2. Directions

Many of us are using our phones for directions. It would be nice to have them on my wrist for easy access while I’m driving or walking. It simply adds a convenience factor.

3. New Communication Methods

With the new drawing, tapping, and heartbeat messages available, styles of communication can change. And that’s kind of cool.

4. Wallet

Using Apple Pay, you can pay for things using NFC through your watch. It makes transactions easier.

5. Remote

We use an Apple TV for Netflix and streaming video from my iPad. Controlling the TV from my watch would keep me from reaching for the remote. Because we all know that might kill me.


1. Big Distraction

It seems I’d be able to do a lot and do it quickly from Apple Watch. Although that can be perceived as a great thing, it would be distracting. I can too easily see myself ignoring my family when my watch vibrates.

2. Increased Screen Time

It’s right there on my wrist. It’s a screen in front of me the moment I want it. Screen time will only go up if it’s that easy.

3. Always Available

It brings all of our communication methods right to my wrist. That means that if someone calls, emails, texts, tweets, or facebooks me in any way, I have it front of me immediately. I’m not ok with that.

4. Wallet

Since your watch becomes a wallet, it’s way too easy to buy things we don’t need. Just saying. If anything, go back to cash and cut the credit cards.

5. Fear of Breaking it

I have a woodshop that I enjoy spending time in. I also do a lot of handyman projects around the house. I can’t help but think that the times when I’m being active (and want to track it) that I’ll be prone to breaking a $350 watch!


It’s not for me. As much as I would like to convince myself that it would be a good idea (and I have tried), I can’t. It doesn’t allow me to do anything I can’t already do. The convenience is great, but it would be too convenient for my lifestyle. It’s a really nice piece of technology, but I’ll pass.