Curtis McHale Has Me Reconsidering How I Take Book Notes →

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Joe Buhlig

Since starting Bookworm I have been taking notes on my books in a variety of ways. I started off keeping independent text files for each book. Then I started doing the same, but in Drafts. Then I had a short stint when I wrote them in a physical notebook. But then I came back to Drafts.

But after watching the video by Curtis, I’m coming back to pen and paper. I always have a fountain pen and notebook on me or somewhere close, so it’s pretty easy for me to make this commitment.

I have no idea what my format and layout of this will look like, but I will at least give it a try. Thanks for the inspiration, Curtis!

Also, kudos on the Lamy Safari. 🤗

Lamy FTW…actually I’m thinking about something a bit better for a lefty