A New Discussion

- 1 min -
Joe Buhlig

It’s time. I’ve been talking about starting a new community for a couple weeks now and we are moving forward.

I’ve chosen Discourse as the engine behind the scenes. You can sign up at discussion.joebuhlig.com. To start, it will be really basic. My hope is that it will evolve into a community that can help each other out with tech and productivity questions and tips. Here are the categories I’m kicking it off with.


This replaces the subreddit that I’ve been using. Each post will have a dedicated topic with replies embedded at the bottom of the post. This makes it possible to continually add to posts and see responses to the most popular questions without going to a different site.

Working with OmniFocus

This is a dedicated category for the book. Any questions about it or ideas for the next version go here.

Off Topic

The majority of this site is based on technology and productivity, but sometimes I’d like to discuss interesting articles and topics that don’t really apply. This is where I’ll post them.


This is a discussion about the discussion itself as well as this blog. If you have topic ideas or suggestions for how to improve the site or discussion, I’d love to see them here.

I am excited about building a community where we can help each other learn and grow. Come check it out!