This past year I made numerous changes to my workflows and the tools I use to get my work done. And those tools are ones I love talking about. Thus, I needed to put this together.

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For the last year I’ve been running my business from a MacBook Pro and an iPhone. No iPad. No Watch. And no external monitors.

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Joe Buhlig

I’m pushing pen addict status. I don’t think I’m there yet, but I do have three fountain pens that I thoroughly enjoy using.

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Joe Buhlig

Since starting to exclusively write with pen and paper, I’ve added a dedicated writing desk to my office. This week I explore the pros and cons of using multiple desks in my office.

When I started my business I made the shift from three 27” monitors to just a laptop screen. That shift has taught me a few things about how I work.

I’ve had an interest in the Dvorak keyboard layout for a couple years now. The concept makes sense to me and I’m finally doing something about it.

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Joe Buhlig

After an awesome break for Christmas and the New Year, I’m back with a slight change and format to talk about my switch to Dvorak, the bloated web, and resolutions.

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Joe Buhlig

I’ve started waiting to upgrade operating systems and hardware when new releases are available. My impulse is to upgrade immediately, but I’ve put it off for a variety of reasons.

When I switched to the MacBook Pro, I also switched from using two computers to one. I know, I know, I was spoiled. But it made my life a lot easier and helped me accomplish a lot more.

I pulled my computer mouse out of my bag and the first thing he said was, “What on earth is that thing?” It was yet another confirmation that I’m strange.

I’ve recently undergone a work transition that led me to purchasing a new MacBook Pro. My traveling work machine was a MacBook Air and I’ve found a few differences in the two that make me wish I’d done this earlier.

As a homeworker, traveling has to be simple. If I need to connect with coworkers in person, I’m either on an airplane or in a rental car. In an effort to make it easy on myself, I have a backpack that serves as a mobile office.

I didn’t want to write this post. I don’t want you to read it. My wife wanted me to write it. I hesitated. Writing it forces me to admit that I’m picky and maybe neurotic. So it’s probably a good thing that I did write it.