If you have kids, then you know that they operate in the now. They don’t typically have the future looking mindset and the planning mindset to think past this exact moment. And, as parents, it’s our job to help them learn to delay gratification and teach them to plan ahead.

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This has an interesting take on the Bullet Journal monthly task list.

It’s a new month! Which means it’s now time to migrate your Bullet Journal!

An interesting question to pose. Does it qualify or not?

We have a Bullet Journal with stickers that made it out with a rating of 3/5! Who knew that was possible?

You see a lot of spreads online. But can you trust them?

This graph is pretty slick. But it’s also helpful to keep it in the same place each month so you can compare them.

Yesterday I took a couple hours and live streamed my entire June 2020 Bullet Journal migration process on Twitch. It was a lot of fun to join a handful of people online and do it together. They even helped me find mistakes in the process! I have certainly been bit by the streamer bug.