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Bookworm is dedicated to doing more than just reading books. Joe and Mike read a book every two weeks and discuss ways to apply the authors lessons to their lives.

Analog Joe

Our culture is one driven towards everyting digital. At work, at home, in our pockets, and in our bedrooms. We use them to fill every waking moment we can afford and then some. It's time to push back. It's time to explore the world of analog tools and relationships. That's what we do here at Analog Joe.



This is a repository of the automated systems I use to enhance OmniFocus.


Sometimes it helps to talk through my systems ideas with friends. And every time I do so, I come away excited to start building and using my existing or new tools to help me become more intentional with my actions. But along the way, I've also acquired a lot of experience that helps me guide others on the same journey. And I would love to help you.

Learn with Joe Buhlig

This is where all my video course and products for sale live. Namely, Working With OmniFocus is here, but more is on the way in the future.