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How many times have you closed up shop for the day and wondered what happened? Ever get up in the morning and ask yourself what you should do today?

I had just introduced myself to the executive leading the meeting. He handed me his business card and I quickly snapped a picture of it with my phone. A few seconds later his phone dinged. He glanced at his phone, then looked at me in shock.

Do you ever find yourself typing the same thing over and over again? Stuff like an email address, the date, a URL, or even a template of some kind? If so, a text expansion app might be just what you need.

OmniFocus is a powerful tool designed to follow David Allen’s Getting Things Done. I go into the details of GTD here but the simple version is that it’s a method of getting things out of your mind and into a trusted organizational system. The main purpose is to free up your mind to have ideas, not hold them.

Ideas and reminders come to us when we’re not ready for them or when we can’t do anything about them. We remember to clean out the gutters when it’s raining. An idea for a new website comes to us when we’re eating dinner. What do you do with those?

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Have you ever intentionally left your phone in the car while on a date? Was it freeing or did it feel like prison? Have you ever, like me, found yourself on Twitter while at the dinner table? Was that any different?

I used to pride myself in having one of the fastest email replies in the office. If you sent me an email, I was back to you in less than 10 minutes. Sometimes 5.

I didn’t want to write this post. I don’t want you to read it. My wife wanted me to write it. I hesitated. Writing it forces me to admit that I’m picky and maybe neurotic. So it’s probably a good thing that I did write it.

We have everything at our fingertips. We can look something up instantly and connect with almost anyone at any time.