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Searching is one of the most technically complicated processes to build and yet the simplest to use. And it’s almost universally accepted that every website has a way to search the entirety of their content. Connect this with the ability to search websites directly from Alfred and you can create a one-stop shop for searching all your favorite sites.

I’m a fan of Discourse. That should come without surprise at this point. As a fan, it’s natural for me to see the potential for Discourse to solve communication problems and create selective visibility within an organization. So it was easy for me to gravitate toward it for the IT communication structure at my church.

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Joe Buhlig

If you’re looking for a way to set goals and achieve a year’s worth of work in 12 weeks, then The 12 Week Year is an excellent choice and structure to try.

There’s a common misconception in the productivity world that when you develop a new process or system it needs to be entirely digital or entirely analog. Or the more common version of this dilemma: to work toward the use of a single database for your tasks. That may be nice, but it’s far from necessary.

In the midst of reading for Bookworm, I discovered my habit of quickly checking my email throughout the day. It’s a simple habit on the surface, but try to break it and you’ll find that willpower alone may not be enough to win.

We all need to eat. The consequences of rejecting that fact are far from pleasant and none of us would argue this reality. The problem comes when choosing which foods to consume. It’s not enough that our supermarkets are overflowing and options are endless; we have corporate marketing schemes, dietary standards, and fear mongering to battle.

One of the strongest fears I grapple with is that of rejection. Like most, I want people to appreciate the work I do and me as a person. My struggle develops when I sense a dislike or underappreciation directed towards me in some way. Red flags start flying and I find myself searching for ways to get out of the scenario.

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Joe Buhlig

One of the most valuable tasks you can begin is the development of your self-awareness. This week Mike and Joe delve into the questions posed by Peter Drucker that prompt you to learn how to manage yourself.

I was an avid reader in grade school. Any program the school put in place to encourage kids to read, I completed as fast as I could. That trend continued until I made it to junior high.

The concept of resistance is getting to be common knowledge. In its original context as posed by Steven Pressfield, resistance is entirely negative. It is the internal and sometimes external force keeping us from doing our best work. As good brainworkers we consistently look for tactics, methodologies, and habits to remove and eliminate resistance.

I have tried numerous methods of managing my daily tasks digitally. But no matter the tool or the method, I am unable to replicate the clarity and motivation that comes from using pen and paper to plan and reflect on my day.

More often than not, I find myself surprised by the questions I get after releasing a new script or product. After releasing Working With OmniFocus I received more emails about how the site is set up then I did about the course itself. It’s apparent to me that this is something different that others are interested in. So here’s how I did it.

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Joe Buhlig

Mike and Joe get a breath of fresh air with a book on productivity. There are a lot of tips here that they’ve both practiced for years but learned a lot regardless.

It’s been about 10 months since I switched to Dvorak. It’s been at least six months since I’ve written about it. In that six months, I have continued to make improvements but I’ve also noticed an interesting tidbit about my relationship with QWERTY.

For years, Disqus has been the commenting platform of choice. It’s what I used when my site was on WordPress. When I switched to a static site generated by Jekyll, I pulled commenting entirely. But given the topics I write about, comments can be quite helpful and I realize that was a mistake. So I brought them back with the help of Discourse.

Alfred is a tool I use hundreds of times a day without realizing it. I’m not sure why it took me so long to pick up Alfred Remote for my phone, but I’m now seeing the potential for some really advanced triggering for my Mac.

Drafts is easily one of the most used apps on my phone. To me, it is the pinnacle of resistance-free digital capture. If I look through my list of processed drafts, the most common forms of text I capture are content ideas and book suggestions. This tells me I read, write, and record a lot.

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Joe Buhlig

Mike almost put this one down. The business principles discussed are vital but the book itself was a challenge.

I’m all about reviews. I think their value greatly outweighs the time involved and energy expended. Most of the time it’s easy for me to initiate a review and step through its checklist, but there are days when I see a weekly review coming up on the calendar and start dreading it immediately.

One of my most hated tasks is setting the price for a new product. It’s painful and it seems like I can never get it right. The bright side is that I’ve been able to learn a lot in the process and that has led me to a price simplification, effective immediately.

One piece missing in my Drafts actions arsenal was the ability to create a single draft with multiple tasks and send them all to OmniFocus via the new URL schemes. This isn’t something I use often but there are times when it would be useful and can be the difference between capturing everything and missing a vital thought.

This past weekend my wife was gone on a retreat. That meant I took care of our girls on my own. They go to bed about an hour and a half before I do, and like any self-respecting web developer with an aging web design, I took advantage of the extra free time and made some major changes to the look and feel of my home on the web.

I’ve always admired the thought and intentionality that Kourosh Dini applies to his methods of working and developing structures that help him accomplish his tasks. So I was excited when he gave me the opportunity to go through his video course, Zen & The Art of Work, prior to its launch. I must say that I think this is his best work to date.

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Joe Buhlig

This week Mike and Joe talk about the value of finding a “why” in everything we do and what happens when companies start with “how” or “what.”

I’ve been impressed by the speed of the Omni Group’s release cycles lately. It’s obvious they are hard at work on the automation methods for both iOS and macOS. One of these recent releases introduced the ability to create new projects within a specific folder on iOS.