Microblog - page 7

At one point I saw this but I just rediscovered the ability to install custom fonts on iOS. Unfortunately, that means I can fiddle with my presentations from my phone. 🤷🏻‍♂️

It really bothers me when I read a blog post and can’t find the date for when it was published. How am I supposed to place it into the context of time?

A little over four years ago I was talking about moving to @jekyllrb so much that my oldest named her bunny after it. And I just realized I’ve never shared a picture of him. So, meet Jekyll everybody.

One of my favorite features of using Dvorak. If someone else tries to use my computer, they get gibberish. (This was supposed to say “how are you today?”)


I’ve been using Freedom extensively lately and I have to admit that it has saved me from a lot of distractions. Highly recommend this tool if you’re not using it already.