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Happy Valentines Day, Becky! I love you dearly. I’m incredibly blessed to do life together with you. You have an amazing, infectious personality and love for God. I am honored to be your husband.

I’m a terrible NFL fan. I forgot all about the Super Bowl the day of the game. Didn’t check who won until the afternoon on Monday. And only watched highlights today. Also, I’m (supposedly) a Chiefs fan. 🙈

Here’s a trip down memory lane.

Old CSS, new CSS - fuzzy notepad

Fountain pen goals right here. A few of these are overlaps in different colors, but I have one version of the Pilot, Lamy, and TWSBI pens. Does that mean I have a problem? 🤔 - 📸: @tinajan

I used to check in on the App Store daily to see the new articles. But since Apple Arcade came out, it’s mostly games anymore. Now I only open the App Store to update apps. Sorry, app developers.

I’m looking to add microblog and webmention support to a Wordpress site. Any plugin recommendations for doing so? I’d rather not build it as it looks like I need a Custom Post Type.

Notion users: if you decide to leave, how easy is it to get your data out in a usable format? I haven’t found anything that eases my mind.