Microblog - page 5

If you have kids, turn your clocks forward 10 minutes a day this week. Sunday will be much less disruptive if you can do this.

Store owners: don’t let customers see you waiting for them to leave at the end of the night. It makes us feel like you want us to leave before closing time. So we will… and not come back.

@JoeBuhlig Added the titleizer back in. Try this out https://t.co/XVWXwusrJD. Lmk if you have questions, and note that you either need to add `empty_uses_page_title: true` to config or use a % in the link text, e.g. [%](!g joe buhlig)

@ttscoff Nice! Looks like it’s only pulling in partial titles, though. For example, the Marked app site gives this: “Smarter tools for smarter writers”

Question: does anyone know if there’s a gesture to invoke a new draft in @draftsapp? Triple tap or swipe in some way? I’m lazy and don’t want reach up to hit the “+” button.

@JoeBuhlig It was. The unfortunately-named project Titler (it's pronounced like "title" but in retrospect it really looks like hitler). https://t.co/C5b5OHbKPQ

@ttscoff Is it easy to tweak the workflow for SearchLink to include the title? I’d be willing to submit a PR for it, if that’s possible.

Also, am I correct in assuming !g is actually a DuckDuckGo search?

@JoeBuhlig For example, if you run `[](!g brett terpstra ++t)` it will output "[brett terpstra](https://t.co/hzpeJatyJ1 "https://t.co/K01VXNmbZ0")". Problem with page titles is that all these SEO-friendly page titles get to be 100+ characters long and I rarely want that…

@ttscoff Add an option for it? I have a few scenarios where I create links with the page title as the anchor. But other times I don’t want it at all. As long as there is a way to choose…