Microblog - page 3

Anyone else using Vimeo Live? Wondering if the issues I’ve seen the last three Sundays (today included) are me or them. Seems like them considering it’s fine elsewhere.

All great things started as analog. ~ @analogrevenge Love ur bio @JoeBuhlig: "an analog mind in a digital world". For myself, I have "hung onto analog" for decades, but it is a losing fight in some areas. I do enjoy seeing people "whine" every time digital messes up their life. https://t.co/dij5E7L2oK

@heather_hear I’m slowly removing those digital pieces that make me whine. I never complain about my notebook not syncing. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Five more days on the intro pricing for analogjoe.com. Use the code “teamanalog” to take 50% off… for life! Yes, I’m crazy. 😜

Saw the email from Roam. Gates are open! And my first thought, “Wow! There’s a money-grab if I’ve ever seen one.”

Yesterday I was leaving the house for work and realized I almost left my pens at home! When I arrived, I realized I left my BuJo at home. Not sure which is worse. 🤦🏻‍♂️