If I skip coffee during the week (due to ADHD meds), does that mean I should skip it on the weekends as well?

Do you not take meds on the weekend? If you don’t then coffee is probably fine but I’d worry about withdrawing from meds
For me I find they work totally different once I get the “dependence” bc I don’t get as anxious/wired/hyper but they still work in terms of motivation/mental energy to do things. But it totally varies! My plan is to do a higher dose on weekdays when I start med school.
That makes sense to me. I have tendency to push too hard when I’m in them. So taking a break from meds generally means a break physically. That said, have been debating a one day break instead of two.
I don't. I haven't had much for withdrawal issues in the past and try to take regular "holidays" from them. Theory is that it keeps it as a tool and not a dependency. That's the theory at least. 😉
I’m sticking with tea today. A bit nervous about changing it up. But skipping meds is already a bit dicey. 🤷🏻‍♂️