@joebuhlig This is kind of fun. I'm using this post to sort of reach out to you, both about micro.blog and the content of this tweet?/micro.blog/post? (trying to grasp the multiple platforms.)

I came cross your micro site page with the very nicely formated posts on a search for something like "why isn't there a slack/discord like chat with twitter login" and your page caught my eye. Created a micro.log account today, and am playing with it. It seems like your page embed is probably more complex than my free account without embed-ability.

RE the church part of this tweet... I've been studying church history since the late 1980s. Started mostly with "historical Jesus" stuff, and ranged over many topics. Today I'm also interested in the state of and form of Christianity in the USA. It seems to me that since the time of Lurther, Christianity has been breaking into smaller and smaller groups. I could see this continuing, and a number of Christians participating in nothing other than online communities. I came across one such example of this on Discord. A server of young christians (HS, college, and some post college) none of which go to any kind of traditional church building.

The word "church", goes back to ecclesia, which also predates it's Christian usage, and was the community of military age males who could meet and put their ideas forward. Some early Christian churches appear to have begun as both burial societies as well as dining clubs.

I think the communal aspect of churches / communities will continue. I think the role of supernaturalism will perhaps become less and less important in many of these.

would be happy to talk with you and get to know you further if this is a topic of interest to you. If I missread your interest RE the post I'm commenting on, I understand.

In any event, would be great if you could reply or mention me via micro.blog so I can try to begin to understand how this systems mention alerts work. :)

Enjoy life!

@RichGriese Welcome to Micro.Blog!

My setup is pretty advanced and likely quite difficult to replicate. Trust me. I’m trying to replicate my own system with another site and it’s taking a while.

As for “church”, I went to a Christian college and have four semesters of Koine Greek in my background. And the way I’ve interpreted it is that “church” requires an element of fellowship with other believers. And in my opinion, digital only methods of fellowship are severely lacking in almost every way.

Thus, my question above. How do we do this when quarantined at home? When Stay-At-Home orders are lifted we can encourage families to meet and watch live streams together. But until then, we struggle.

Anyways, hi! 👋