Notion users: if you decide to leave, how easy is it to get your data out in a usable format? I haven’t found anything that eases my mind.

@joebuhlig That’s my concern as well and the main reason I have only created two pages until now.

@jeroensangers I haven't even set up an account yet. I keep hearing about all the wonderful things it can do and keep thinking it doesn't make sense. My fear is that it's Evernote all over again.

@joebuhlig Interesting, started to use it today. But sorry, can't give you an answer for export.

@dominikhoecht Can I ask what you intend to use it for? Every scenario I’ve seen is less than intriguing due to other tools that do the same.

@joebuhlig I like testing tools. Recently bought Evernote Premium and like it very much. Nevertheless I like testing. That is already everything.

Joe, according to their help page, you can export all the content of a workspace as HTML, Markdown & CSV.…
The Markdown and CSV piece would be nice. But my guess is that there would be a LOT of HTML files for the pieces that I would want as CSV. Sounds messy. Have you tried it?
No, never tried to export a full workplace, only one or two pages (to see the .md file). But yes, definitely sounds messy, especially if you have a lot of nested folders.
I hadn’t considered nested folders. The last thing I would want is a need to write my own set of parsing scripts to use the exported data.