It really bothers me when I read a blog post and can’t find the date for when it was published. How am I supposed to place it into the context of time?

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Or a how-to about software. Could be the best article, but I'll skip it because I have no clue what version of the software it pertains to.
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Yup dealing with that now. Help docs should have version number tags with them. Spent 20 minutes hunting for a setting that got moved with no doc update
Exactly! That’s the way it should be. I’ve noticed @digitalocean do that as well. And yet there are tech/productivity bloggers who drop dates to keep people from leaving the page. Newsflash: it has the opposite effect.
I don’t spend time there so I wouldn’t know. But now I don’t feel bad for skipping on Tumblr.
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Yeah, you’re not missing much. I’m only there for a few cartoons and Wil Wheaton, but he reposts a lot of old stuff. I just can’t tell how old. 🤷🏻‍♂️
I complain about that a lot, especially when I look for recent information on a certain topic. Articles without a publishing date just don‘t help at all with that...
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