Those who send email newsletters: if an email marketing service existed that prevented spying on subscribers (no tracking whatsoever), would you use/pay for it?

Store owners: don’t let customers see you waiting for them to leave at the end of the night. It makes us feel like you want us to leave before closing time. So we will… and not come back.

@JoeBuhlig Added the titleizer back in. Try this out https://t.co/XVWXwusrJD. Lmk if you have questions, and note that you either need to add `empty_uses_page_title: true` to config or use a % in the link text, e.g. [%](!g joe buhlig)

@ttscoff Nice! Looks like it’s only pulling in partial titles, though. For example, the Marked app site gives this: “Smarter tools for smarter writers”