TIL that it’s way harder than it should be to convert a pdf to a jpeg on a PC. Another reason I’m a Mac.

Every time I read these I want to get into letter writing more.


Kudos to Basecamp for making this move. Not many companies (or personal blogs) are willing to go this far.

Now I’m curious. What tricks do you play on yourself to create a habit? Here’s mine.

Either you focus, or you hit something really hard. - Jeff Gordon


If you struggle to do the GTD Weekly Review, we’ll get along great. Here are the top tools I use to make it easier.


Now I will have less distraction. - Leonard Euler, upon losing the sight in his right eye


This list of favorites from 2019 almost feels like a complete list of my toolkit. Maybe I should put together a real resources page someday.

One of my favorite features of using Dvorak. If someone else tries to use my computer, they get gibberish. (This was supposed to say “how are you today?”)


“Towards the end of 2019, I found myself in a hole where I went almost three weeks without publishing any new writing.”

Here’s how I solved it.

Sometimes I find links to my site in places I don’t expect. 🤷‍♂️

One advantage of talking to yourself is that you know at least somebody’s listening. - Franklin P. Jones


There could have been a lot more on this list of my favorites from 2019.

I don’t know if I would recommend Dvorak for most, but in my scenario, I’m still sticking with it.

Interesting take on how algorithmic timelines emphasize consumption over connection. The latter being the original intent.

Social Media’s Shift Toward Misery - Study Hacks - Cal Newport

I’ve been using Freedom extensively lately and I have to admit that it has saved me from a lot of distractions. Highly recommend this tool if you’re not using it already.


If you’re reflecting on 2019 and looking forward to a productive 2020, take a look at this article on productive technology habits by my friend Mike Schmitz. He’s done an excellent job compiling the best tips on habit forming.

21 of my favorite tools from 2019. Just putting together this list forced me to reflect on my tools. This is definitely a recommended practice.

Tomorrow on the Weekly Impulse I’m talking about choosing between TextExpander and Alfred for text expansion. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter today to get this exclusive article.

I used someone’s iPhone 11 yesterday. I’m amazed at how much I use 3D Touch. Gonna miss that one when I finally upgrade my from the X.

I’m exploring the use of Reminders and Fantastical as an editorial calendar. Anyone have experience with this sort of thing? I would prefer to do it in OmniFocus, but I really need the calendar view for multiple months/weeks.

Two days left on the New Year sale for Working With OmniFocus! Get it for a measly $14.95.

Three days left on the New Year’s sale on Working With OmniFocus!

If you have recurring checklists you use on a regular basis, why not keep them in OmniFocus?

Yes. Yes. And yes. Printers are my nemesis.

Why All Printers Suck (Even the Best Ones): Wirecutter

I don’t do resolutions but this year I’m giving the Basecamp eight-week cycles a try. First cycle has plans for Working With @TextExpander. 😉

Anyone have a Vision 2020 initiative at work? I’m already tired of it.

Working With OmniFocus is on sale this week! If you’re revamping your system for the new year, this is an excellent motivator.

In case you missed it, we have a poll for the best Bookworm book of 2019. Get your votes in by tomorrow night!

@help Could you point me to a doc of some sort that explains how cross posting works with Twitter mentions and such? I vaguely remember something more in depth than this, but can’t find it. Thanks!

This week is one of the best to re-evaluate your systems. And if you’re re-evaluating your @OmniFocus setup, be sure to check out the discount pricing for Working With OmniFocus!


I just discovered Send Later in MailMate. Definitely going to get some mileage out of this one.

If you want to enjoy your Christmas dinner, I recommend skipping the introduction to Nourishing Traditions. Thankfully, I’m already on a diet that’s similar.


It’s official. I’m now on Micro.Blog! Now I just need to figure out how it all works. 😉