A New Podcast: Bookworm

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Joe Buhlig

Almost 2 months ago I embarked on a journey of reading a book every two weeks. Although there are a lot of personal benefits to doing this, it is primarily for a new podcast I’m doing with my good friend, Mike Schmitz.

Mike and I have done a couple shows together in the past (The Productivity Show and Whaddya Know Joe) and we each independently came to the conclusion that we wanted start a new show together. After a single call, Bookworm was born and recording commenced.

Bookworm is all about taking action on the words we read. Mike and I read a book, then talk about what it means for our lives. We can read all the books in the world but it’s for naught if we don’t do something with that knowledge.

Today we are revealing our work to the world. You can check it out it at bookworm.fm and find it on iTunes here. We also have a Twitter handle for the show, @bookwormfm.

If you are a reader (or you’re not and want a summary), subscribe now. We’re super pumped about it and excited to talk books with you!